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Why Choose Candid Photography

Why Choose Candid Photography

Candid Photography and Videography - Michel Brain

Why Choose Candid Photography

Candid photography:

As smartphone made photography easy everybody tends to be a photographer. Most known genre of photography, where moments captured spontaneously is known as candid photography. It captures natural emotions of the person in their most original form. These type of candid clicks appear to be realistic as the person is unaware of photographing them.

The best example of a wedding photography is where the subjects are unaware about the camera, resulting in real scenes and facial expression. It basically requires natural light because flash light of a camera would make them startle and the subject may react and pose.

Candid clicks is more economical, you need not pay a model for your photography. You can just click as you go, capture what you see. It’s more fun in candid photography as there are no rules and regulations. You can be experimental with your angles and subject, extend the creativity you want. Candid photos usually tell stories and also you can add more captions for a candid click than other types of photography.

For example we were hired for a wedding photography in Coimbatore, where they insisted me to click more candid’s.  We shot both formal and candid photos respectively, when put together the album was a wonderful blend of photos that told a beautiful cover story of the wedding.

So candid photography and videography have more benefits to consider, you don’t have to wait for a perfect pose to capture the photo. Make it real, click emotions and add more fun to the subject without interfering with them. You can hire us for best price in the market to shoot your wedding photography, outdoor photo-shoot, kid’s photography, portrait photo-shoot, maternity photography, candid photography and traditional photography.

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