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Wedding Photographers in Coimbatore



Every culture, every tradition, and community in India have their way of celebrating the wedding and other occasions. South Indian weddings have their way of emotions, fun, and traditions which we cannot see on any other occasion. They want every tradition to be captured for their memories and it means a lot to them. There are two types of weddings, one with such grandeur and extraordinary charm and the other with subtle shades of vibrancy. As a best photographer, we will capture all the movements of the bride and the groom. The bride has such an amazing glow on her face and the groom, on the other hand, rejoiced over the fact that he finally taking the hand of his beloved.


Understanding the client’s expectation

Before we delve into each of the ceremonies, we need to understand what the client’s expectations are. The problem is that with a huge invitee list and your clients expecting you to photograph and document the presence of each guest, you would easily end-up shooting with thousand images. The best way we follow is to keep the artistic types of shots to our self and employ the second shooter who will go about doing the general coverage. 


Pre-wedding shoots:

 A pre-wedding shoot is one of the rare opportunities that we will get some time in hand to compose and showcase our signature style. This is probably the only time when we will be able to make some nice images of the couple without the extended family looking on. As the best wedding photographers in South India, we used to capture lovely pre-wedding shots.


“Wedding Photography is not just about taking pretty pictures, it is about telling a story”. I want you to know that your moment’s matter, and I believe life should be captured in the real rawness and purity of a moment. I love to give you cheerful, unforgettable and authentic wedding photographs that pull your heartstrings and the ones that give you all the feels. I’m Michel brain, known to be one of the best wedding photographers in Coimbatore. The best and cherished moments of your wedding are captured and packed into attractive albums. 

We will make your wedding as all-time memories with candid images, portrait images, group shots. We offer you a visual treat with affordable rates irrespective of the occasion.

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