Michel brain Photography is a 25 year old modern establishment, created by a team of young, passionate, ambitious photo professionals with vast experience, from traditional photography to digital photography.

Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography

Portrait Photographers


The beauty queens of the land need to articulate their fashion to the world for them to admire at them. If you are a gorgeously stunning model looking for a fashion photographer, you are at the right spot. We specialize at every single minute detail of your hair, colour, texture, curve length of your smile, the length of your eye lashes and enhance the blaze of your ornaments and accessories according to the suitability. We do stunning portraits with mesmerizing poses of you as well as photographs showcasing your apparels and the entire beauty of you. We examine your face structure and your sense of style and analyze and handpick the camera angles and poses that you will perfectly fit in. We also involve in creative post production edit effects to enhance your photographs. We also encourage aspiring models to create a portfolio for them with their pictures.

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