Michel brain Photography is a 25 year old modern establishment, created by a team of young, passionate, ambitious photo professionals with vast experience, from traditional photography to digital photography.

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Apart from Wedding photography, couples always love to do outdoor photoshoots where photography can be portrayed without boundaries. Both the photographer and couples will have their own free space. Outdoor photoshoot is pretty interesting. The couples feels so light and the wedding photographers get to explore. Be it wedding or outdoor photoshoot people always love candids. From traditional photography to candid photography we are experienced in the field of photography. Outdoor candid couple photography are always been loved by everyone. Our candid photographs speak volumes. We will consider various kinds of elements such as landscapes, plants, wildlife and natural sceneries in outdoor

Times have changed and maternity photos are just another way to document a special and exciting time in our lives. With the technological advancement, Maternity photography is getting popular nowadays. Maternity photographs persist for a lifetime. Later on, these moments will be a valuable asset to remember and recall those beautiful moments which happens once in a lifetime. As the ‘Best maternity photographer’ we try to add life to every photographs making them beautifully captured and memorable for a lifetime. WHY IS MATERNITY PHOTOGRAPHY SO IMPORTANT? Bearing a child is always considered a blessing. And there’s no better alternative of reminiscing this

If you are looking for kids photography in Coimbatore, an authentic kids lifestyle session could be perfect for you. Candid natural baby photoshoot sessions are great if you love less posed baby photographs. Because in these photo shoots I focus on bringing connections and emotions. In a very natural way ill photograph your baby alone. These sessions are for babies upwards of 3 weeks old to walkers, We come to your place and change it as a beautiful backdrop keeping it simple, relaxed and personal to you. These are days to treasure when your cute little baby spends their first few months to

When my customers approach me to shoot their wedding, they want a fun-filled and honest set of images that tell the real story of their wedding. They are not the customers who need artificial images they are the type of clients who want natural and emotional moments to be captured. They value that their big day is a once in a lifetime event and they want to look back with their moments which happened naturally. In wedding photography coverage, bridal preparation is one of the trends which capture huge attention. Those last few hours before the wedding emotionally driven family with the

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