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A & B Destination Wedding

A & B Destination Wedding

A & B Destination Wedding

Among all the wedding we have attended I personally find this a memorable experience. We thought it was a love marriage until they told us that they are doing arranged marriage. The couple was incredibly lovely and cute as they casually fit into the rituals. It was a destination wedding at XXX. Both the families greeted us and treated our team as one among their family. We were initially perplexed on what to shoot as a blast of laughter, hugs and smiles were swarming and exploding before our eyes. Eventually, we glided into the moment and performed our zenith at the vibe of the josh and jubilance of the event. We were given lofty space for bundles of candid pictures that were unique, raw and natural. The setting, backdrop and the plot of the venue were amazing and they added to the elegance of the photographs. As the reception was in a wide outdoor open setting, we were at full swing with drones and those photos and videos were crowding their timeline during the event. The most interesting part of their wedding is in making their wedding cinema. We recorded their wedding in a cinematic tone. We really enjoyed doing it in live and edits at the studio. It was a big and memorable day, not only in their life but also a great experience and unforgettable memory for our team as we had so much fun during the shoot.

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